|Cipher Strength
If your Cipher Strength is less than 128 bit, you will not be able to make your online payment. Please update you Cipher Strength after checking it.

> How to check your Cipher Strength in the Internet Explorer:

- Open your Internet Explorer browser
- Click on the "Help" on the browser menu
- Select "About Internet Explorer"

- A message box will open up.

1First you will need to note down the version of your browser.
2Now, look for the Cipher Strength in the message box.
3If it is less than 128, click on the link "Update Information"
4A new explorer window will open up. You will be taken to the download page. Select the "High Encription Pack" for you browser version Eg: Internet Explorer 5.01
5Click on the link "High Encryption Pack". The pack will be downloaded to the destination folder you specify.
6Close all your browser windows and install the pack. It will only take a few seconds. You will be required to shutdown your computer, for the changes to take effect.