Implementation of ICT Solution for Registrar of Companies (eROC)


eRegistraion of Companies (eROC) project has been initiated in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Department of Registrar of Companies has completed a comprehensive Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) and System Study on the prioritized processes. Based on these requirements Department of Registrar of Companies (DRC) intends to engage a Software Development Service Provider (firm) to develop and commission the eROC and assist to support and maintain the application.

The Project Consultant Procurement Committee, on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce now invites eligible consultancy firms to indicate their interest to develop, support and maintain the eROC solution.

EoI must include the requested information as specified in the respective “EoI Information Format” along with documentary evidence to demonstrate core business and years in business, qualifications in the field of the assignment, experience in carrying out assignments of a similar nature and complexity, technical and managerial organization of the firm, technical capabilities and appropriate skills of key staff of the organization, availability of facilities and other relevant information.

The “EOI information Form” and “Description of Services” for this assignment are available at Register of Companies website ( and Ministry of Industry and Commerce web site ( (under procurement notices).

Consultants may associate with other firms (if required) in the form of a joint venture to enhance their qualifications. A Consultancy firm will be selected in accordance with the Qualifications Cost Based Selection method (QCBS).

Interested Consultants may obtain further information from Procurement Division of ROC (Phone: + 94 11 2689205, Fax: + 94 11 2689214 and email:

Expressions of Interest including all requested information as specified in the “EOI Information Format” must be delivered in a written form to the address below ( in person or by email) no later than 15.00 hrs on 27th of January 2016 Please mark the name and the assignment number on the envelope or the subject field of the email.

The Project Consultant Procurement Committee,
Department of Registrar of Companies,
Accounts Branch, 4th Floor,
No. 400, D.R. Wijewardena Mawatha,
Colombo - 10

Download Documents

e-RoC - DOS - Ver5.pdfe-RoC - DOS - Ver5.pdf Description of Services (PDF)

eROC -EoI Information Sheet-Ver 5.pdfeROC -EoI Information Sheet-Ver 5.pdfEOI Information Format for Consulting Firms(PDF)